I paint, I create, I make beautiful things!

I have always loved art. I took every art class I could and I have tried a variety of different creative mediums. Seems like I was always creating something, a... denim purse, cross-stitch wall art , paper mosaics, pen and ink drawings, batik, woven wall hangings, and more.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to go to college. My mother strongly urged me to study in the medical field. (she didn't want me to be a starving artist, lol) So I did one year in that field for my mother and quickly did an about face the next year and signed up for all art classes for me.

Upon graduating college, I began a career in graphic design. For the next 30 years (wow, has it been that long?) I worked as a graphic designer in the field of advertising, first at The Bakersfield Californian newspaper and then as the owner of Aqua Graphics. So, fine art has been on the back burner for quite awhile and I was sure missing it.

A few years ago, I went on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico with my mother and family to celebrate Mother's Day. My sister and I sat out in the sun too long and burned to a crisp, so we decided to attend an indoor art auction. During the auction when they held up a $50,000 painting, my sister turned to me and said, "you could do that!" And, I thought well, maybe I could. An idea took shape that day and became Live Water Studios.

Inspiration for my business name, Live Water Studios, came from my family name, Acquaviva. Acquaviva means Living Water in Italian.

Fall in love with art. Buy now...Live Water Studios

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